Lowestoft Pastoral Co. Pty Limited

David & Trish Carter’s passion is Australian agribusiness, they share a kinship with the land. This is Lowestoft Pastoral Co. which produces early maturing, high yielding feeder cattle using selective genetics targeted at premium domestic beef supply chains. David and Trish also breed, train and at times sell registered Australian Stock Horses through their ASH stud based near Scone in NSW.  They have sold their horses across most states and territories in Australia. Their horses are being used as as stud stallion sires, station horses which successfully campdraft on the weekend, polo-cross mounts, polo ponies and quiet confident kids horses used as pony clubs mounts. Give David a call if you are interested, but be prepared to have a good chat as he can discuss  his passion for the Australian stock horse for hours.

David Carter Property and Livestock

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