We are Currently Sourcing – PTIC Holstein Heifers to Holstein Sexed Semen

Telephone: David Carter – (043) 845-3172

Breed: Holstein-Friesian Heifer
Pedigree Status: E & F Certificate
Age: 17 – 23 months at Delivery to Quarantine
Weight: 420 – 480kgs at Delivery to Quarantine (or heavier) Pregnancy: 3.5 – 6 Months to Holstein Sexed Semen at Delivery to Quarantine
Condition: Score 3 or better
Delivery Date: 20th / 21st September 2018
Delivery Location: Quarantine in Romsey, VIC

▪ PTIC to Holstein Sexed Semen Heifer – $1680 – $1750 + GST
▪ Cattle must have resided on the property of origin PIC for 12 months prior to entry into Quarantine. NLIS data will be captured as part of the on-farm selection process and verified prior to quarantine entry. Cattle failing the residency requirements are not eligible.

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