David Carter Property & Livestock provides Rural Property Management Services, Rural Property Acquisitions/Sales and Tailored Agribusiness Advisory Services.

What makes us different, it very simple really, it’s in our blood; we are multi-generational producers ourselves and understand your needs and your outcomes.

David Carter Property & Livestock provides investment and advisory services that focus on identifying value, executing profitable acquisition strategies and managing consistent returns from your farm investment no matter whether you are an experienced investor or a first-time rural property enthusiast. With a practical and commercially focused application we provide a Tailored Farm Management programme that delivers best practice operational management to both new and existing farm businesses.

Should you be looking at a particular property, we are always open to discuss the property on a confidential basis ensuring the property is a good fit and matches your longer-term investment strategy. Our tailored investment strategy analysis includes:

  • Assist with analysing and reflecting on a current situation or opportunity
  • Challenge and consider approaches to manage the situation or opportunity
  • Provide a solution or strategy
  • Support implementation
  • Monitor progress so that the change is sustained

With thirty-eight years’ experience working in the Australian agricultural industry across multiple regions of Australia, David has built a broad knowledge base as well as a network of people with a desire to make a practical difference in the projects we undertake. David has also consulted to sectors outside the rural industry, building an extensive repertoire of skills through successfully managing businesses, people and fostering strategic relationships.

We further compliment these focused livestock industry services with a range of on-hand subject-matter experts, enabling us to provide more tailored agribusiness advice to better meet the investment and rural property management needs of our diversified client base. We have a range of rural consultants and advisers available.  Our specialist knowledge bank includes professional relationships with the following:

  • agronomists
  • architects
  • bankers and financiers
  • mortgage and equipment brokers
  • feed and seed merchants
  • livestock artificial insemination practitioners
  • mentors and coaches
  • training service providers
  • OHS representatives
  • soil scientists
  • solicitors
  • subcontractors
  • registered valuers
  • veterinarians
  • irrigation consultants
  • water traders