David Carter Property & Livestock provides independent advice, integrated services and innovative solutions to family business, corporate and indigenous agriculture. Our consultants’ comprehensive industry knowledge, which comes from working within the sector, demonstrates our understanding of the pressures on agribusinesses and changes the companies go through to adapt to those.

Our 30+ years of livestock industry work experience, talent sourcing strategies and extensive network of relevant subject-matter experts allow us to choose the best resources to work with you and your business. Just like you don’t want generic advice; we don’t deliver generic services. Our approach is built on trust and service excellence; and deep experience in the livestock sector. We pride ourselves on building close and rewarding relationships with our clients and will go to every effort to fit our services to your needs.

Livestock and property marketing is an overall management process of identifying, anticipating and satisfying customers’ demands, for a profit. Livestock and property marketing involves identifying customers and their needs, knowing what they can produce profitably, and using feedback to refine production strategies.

A marketing strategy for your livestock establishes a position and plan for your business to maximise returns. It also helps you better manage your production system and commercial risks.

All of the work you do in your production system is vital, including genetics, nutrition, animal and pasture management. Having an integrated and value-driven marketing approaches helps you to capitalise on all this work when animals finish their time on your property, thereby generating revenue. Despite these identifiable market specifications being readily available, many people don’t appreciate what a powerful tool they are in helping them make money.

Livestock market specifications are the key drivers which most affect the way in which you apply operational management strategies to your feed base and livestock management practices to achieve a successful market outcome. It means you can use your feed reserves and make grazing decisions that will direct your animals to a market end point.  This is the focus that many people need to have but often don’t.