David Carter Property & Livestock are committed to supporting NSW and interstate livestock producers, feed lotters and processors with a comprehensive range of specialist livestock services. Our agency has embraced new and creative technological solutions as a part of our livestock sales marketing business as we see more active participation in online livestock sales. These innovative adaptive technologies save time and money, reduce occupational stress for both producers and buyers, through eliminating the need for livestock to be trucked to market, sold and then trucked to another destination post sale.


As we have seen, newer players are benefiting from the increased interest in alternative ways to sell livestock. With online auctions, the livestock go from paddock to paddock or they go from paddock to feedlot and there's less stress on the animal. If we facilitate the movement of livestock from the paddock to the end user with as little handling as possible, they've got to arrive in a better state.  Livestock handling should aim to minimise stress for the animal and the operator. Excessive stress in livestock leads to reduced productivity, behavioural performance and meat quality.  If any reduction in this stress for the animal through the supply network can be positively affected by compensatory strategies, there must be an implied benefit for both the animal and operators.

Livestock Wanted

At times we will add a list of livestock clients may be looking to purchase. Please check back in to see what we have added.