FodderConnect facilitates pathways from fodder producers to end users by bringing together channels of distribution which provide several benefits to both producers and end users. These benefits include improved efficiencies, a better assortment of fodder types, routinisation of transactions, and easier sourcing of fodder and consequently buyers. The use of intermediaries such as FodderConnect aids the search processes of both producers and end users. Producers are searching to determine their buyers’ needs, while buyers are searching for certain fodder products. A degree of uncertainty in both search processes can be reduced by using channels of distribution.

As a supply chain management business FodderConnect typically provides vertical market expertise, transaction processing capabilities, and business consulting services, allowing fodder producers to focus on their core competencies. In addition to reducing costs, effective supply chain management can result in enhanced supplier relations and greater end user satisfaction through timely deliveries and accurate responses to end user inquiries.

Fodder Types available include: Lucerne Hay, Cereal Hay, Oaten Hay, Wheaten Hay, Pasture Hay, Vetch Hay, Forage Sorghum, Straw, Rhodes Grass Hay, Silage

Fodder Listings

We will add listings for various fodder types when available. Please check back in to see any updates.