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Welcome everyone to Professionals Crown Property & Livestock. Along with my wife Trish, I have been in business now for 32 years. In the early days, like everyone who embarks on their own personal business journey, you quickly understand that is both challenging and rewarding at the same time. If you want to survive, you have no option other than to embrace a steep learning curve and surround yourself with a team of like minded people who can walk you through the pitfalls and guide you on a pathway to achieving your goals. Like everyone I have known and know in business, there are always stories of unfortunate experiences which have a profound affect upon your confidence to stay the course or to seek an alternative direction. Earlier on Trish and I weathered the storm and have been able to successfully meet our business aspirations and raise our children to adults; each with their own professional careers.

We have always placed our clients first; we know that the key to winning new business and the retention of clients is achieved not only by providing great business services but at the same time adding to this a great individual client service experience as well. The challenge is to enable your business to tell your story in a way that enables the business to grow and build client engagement. We have always prided ourselves in being able to generate growth through old fashioned networking and personal referrals which has taken over as the preferred method our clients choose to contact us by.

I strongly believe that business is all about relationships and relating to people in such a way that sustains these relationships long term. Buying a house, a lifestyle or commercial rural property is the biggest investment many people will ever make, and I believe the importance of lasting service to both the vendor and purchaser cannot be understated. At Professionals Crown Property & Livestock we have a simple motto – “if this were our property, how would we like to be treated?”

I look forward to helping you realise your personal or business real estate transactions. With our kindest regards, David & Trish Carter.

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