David Carter Property and Livestock

Rural & Lifestyle Property Specialist’s Working Across NSW

Welcome everyone to Professionals Crown Property & Livestock, we are ...
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Farmland Demand Up Despite Drought Pressure On Ag Investment Earnings

Bullish farmland demand continues to defy the drought’s impact on ...
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The Hidden Trade-Off Of Drought Assistance

AS banks tighten the credit cycle in the wake of ...
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Work Progressing to Lift Electronic NVD Adoption Rate

Work progressing to improve electronic NVD adoption More than a ...
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Weekly Property Review: Lending Implications During Drought

This week’s property review completes a two-part series on how ...
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Make the Vaccine Dollar Go Further

FINE TUNING vaccination procedures presents big opportunity for cattle backgrounders ...
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Australian Producers Adopting Pain Relief: Cattle Vet President

Australian Cattle Veterinarians president Dr Alan Guilfoyle says there has ...
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Bank Rate Rises to Trigger Bidding War Over Property Borrowers

Lenders are expected to start poaching rivals’ customers and aggressively ...
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Agtech: 10,000 Head in Large-Scale Remote Stock Monitoring Project

About 10,000 cattle on properties and feedlots in NSW will ...
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